Farming Simulator for PS3

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farming-img-faceFarming Simulator amazed the video games industry when its latest PC version (PC & Mac) became a true global best-seller, with more than 1 million copies sold in the last 12 months.  Farming Simulator topped the sales charts in over a dozen countries on its release, became an extremely popular Internet download and has proceeded to become a whole new reference in the video games landscape.  It’s now the console players turn to try out Farming Simulator as it has been released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and with those releases the game includes some rich and new content.

My sister and her husband are farmers up in Canada.  My brother-in-law is always chatting about their farm and the work he does on it.  Honestly, I don’t understand anything he talks about.  Augers, combines, silos; it’s all mumbo jumbo to me.  So when I was offered to review Farming Simulator here on Play That Now I was quite excited, I thought I could learn how to farm and get the lingo down and impress them when they come visit at Christmas 😉

This is really quite a unique video game made from the Swiss studio Giants Software, this isn’t Farmville.  And don’t think that it’s a game that only appeals to a small audience; I’m certain after playing it that it will keep my 7 year old nephew engaged as much as it kept us adults as we tried it out.

Starting out we used the Sandbox aspect of the game.  No that’s not playing in a sandbox on a farm ;), this mode of the game allows you to do really whatever you want to do.  No rules, no right no wrong, it just lets you move at your own pace and gets you familiar with the games functions and the controls.

The game challenges you to raise livestock, grow crops, sell produce and drive and operate vehicles as well as agricultural machinery… In short, you must manage and develop your own farm, and these console versions include a totally new American environment (previous versions were localized to European ones).

Farming Simulator has a large selection of over 100 vehicles and agricultural machinery that will allow you to improve your yields and boost your farm’s prosperity.  You’ll get to drive your own combine harvester or a Case Magnum 340 (for you city slickers, that’s a tractor by the way!), or a bunch of other really neat machines.




While I’m sure I’d never make it on a real farm (yet 😉 ), Farming Simulator gives you a pretty realistic agricultural experience.  After you start progressing, not only will you be managing your livestock and crops, but you’ll also have to manage your profit and choose how to re-invest it in your farm; whether that’s to buy better equipment, cultivating more land to grow crops or hire employees.  Just like a real farmer :)

There’s still plenty for us to do in this game, it never really ‘ends’ per say, so there’s a lot of game play value to it.

You can purchase Farming Simulator on for retail price of around $29.99 for both PS3 and Xbox 360.  It definitely would make a different Christmas gift for those you know that are video game enthusiasts or who enjoy playing simulation games.

Have you heard of Farming Simulator before?  Do you know anyone who would enjoy playing it? 

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