Mirror Mirror is the story of Snow White in a way that you’ve never seen it before. In this version of the classic fairy tale, the story is actually the Queen’s and not Snow White’s.

Julia Roberts plays the Queen and what a great job she does. She has that evil stepmother role down pat.

Lily Collins plays Snow White. This fair maiden is all that and then some. Beautiful, well spoken, compassionate, athletic – a true princess.

Arnie Hammer rounds out the ‘main trio’ as Prince Alcott (better known as Prince Charming to most of us) – handsome, in love, and bested by the giant dwarf bandits.

There is plenty of comedic action to go around, Brighton (Nathan Lane) is the Queen’s sidekick, a good man at heart if a little unfortunate.  And the dwarfs.

So the Queen’s story goes something like this – the King left to fight a beast in the woods, he never returns and she seizes the kingdom. Locks Snow White up and doesn’t let her out. Snow White leaves the castle on her 18th birthday, sees how impoverished the townspeople are and when she confronts the Queen, the Queen orders Snow White dead.

Of course that doesn’t quite happen, and Snow White falls in league with a bunch of dwarfs (7 of them I think…) and well you can probably figure out the rest of the story on your own so I won’t give any more spoilers.

As for the production of this movie, in my opinion it didn’t disappoint. The costuming was spectacular and the opening and magic mirror innovative.

The scenic backdrops seemed to be ill proportioned to the movie. The outdoor panoramas of the castle don’t do the movie justice, it almost seems ‘tiny’ for a castle and not grandiose or jaw-dropping.

Some of the dialogue seemed too forced, especially among the dwarfs.

All of that aside, the movies ‘atmosphere’ reminded me a lot of The Princess Bride, a dose of charming sprinkled with humor and action.

Being rated PG means that it’s suitable for the family. There’s no cursing, the costumes are all modest and with the exception of a puppy love encounter which is pretty innocent, no risqué physical content. That’s probably why it is “Dove Family Approved”.

Don’t walk out when the movie ends either, make sure you stay for the “Bollywood” Style Movie Video at the end, lots of bright colors showing who really was the fairest of them all.

[box]I received a promotional gift card to view this film and share my thoughts on it.[/box]

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