It’s Time to “Wipeout Yourself”

Just in time for summer, ABC’s Wipeout has launched a brand new series of hilarious video eCards called “Wipeout Yourself.”  Each week, game show contestants take on extreme obstacle courses and experience some epic spills.  Now it’s time for you and your friends to star in your very own Wipeout!

To get started, choose from 3 different obstacle courses, upload a photo of yourself or your friends and family, and customize with a soundtrack and sound effects.  Then add a personal message and share your Wipeout through Facebook, Twitter, or Email.  Have a colleague who needs cheering up, a sibling you’d love to see knocked into a pool of mud, or a friend who deserves a healthy dose of humiliation?  Create as many cards as you want and make it happen.

Begin creating your own Wipeout Yourself” video eCards now.

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