Video Sports vs. Outdoor Sports

Wii OlympicI’m not very athletic, okay quite truthfully, I trip over my feet while walking.  When we moved into our condo complex, and I first started using the exercise room, I was mesmerized by the olympic weight set they had in there.  It looked like a torture chamber device.  All those heavy metal discs and metal rods…yikes!

It got me to thinking how so many of us use our video game consoles to get some exercise in, and how more and more companies are making games (if you can call them that) and accessories to fit that niche.  And not just for adults.  When I picture olympic sports I think about games like Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games where you can play those iconic characters through 20 official olympic games.  I don’t know how much of a workout you’d get playing that particular title, but it sure sounds like fun.

If you pick up your wilson golf clubs frequently during the summer, but live in place where snow covers the ground the rest of the year, games like Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 or We Love Golf! might help you keepGolf Club your drive, chip and putts up to par…pun intended!  You’ll find me playing Carnival Games: Mini-Golf over those other ones any day though!

The one thing I am curious about is how much strain gets put on your wrists while playing games where you need to maneuver the Wii remote a lot.  Like when you have to shake it back and forth, or swing it like a club or a tennis racket?  I wonder whether a wrist brace is a good investment for people who play sports or fitness games on their video game console a lot?  The motions may not be quite as dynamic as they are when you are really playing the sport, and you don’t have the heft of the actual equipment in your hand, but still I think that if you spend hours playing them it could produce some strain on those tendons and muscles.

Do you play a lot of sports or fitness games on your video game consoles, or do you prefer the great outdoors, a gym facility or a one on one pickup with a friend?  If you do use your console what sports/fitness games are your favorite?

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